• Pauline Schloesser

Happy Mom, Happy Family

If you're one of those women who is always doing things for others, this post is for you. If you're one of those moms who is on a pedestal, or let's say treated like a queen, this post is also for you. -- we can compare notes.

In my family I am absolutely treated as queen or a goddess. This is by my husband, of course. The kids don't see me this way, and they don't have to. They see how their father treats me and they learn. And they also see how I treat their dad, which is pretty much like a revered being.

Recently-in February-we had a freeze that lasted a whole week. It killed a lot of everyone's garden plants and trees. So like a lot of people, we are slowly cutting away the dead stuff, packing it up for pick up, and choosing a few new things to put its the ground.

We had a whole row of gardenia plants by the garage that seem to be completely dead. I used to take regular cuttings in May and use them to place before Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge, learning, music, and creativity). My husband (Dan) bought a couple of plants and kind of placed them near the dead ones.

He was looking for advice on whether to rip out the old plants and put the new ones in the same place, or try another place, such as in front of the yoga studio. I said, "oh, definitely in front of the yoga studio! That would make a wonderful Mother's Day present." And he nodded, with attention. Then I mentioned a few more flowering plants I was wanting. He listened, and realized he had to get get a notecard to write these down.

At that moment, I felt like such a goddess. Really. Here was my husband so happy to take down notes about what would make me happy for Mother's Day. Now how many women actually know that by expressing what would make them happy for Mother's Day, and making it something totally doable for the spouse, is a huge help?

If you're one of those moms or women who is always doing things for others and not doing for yourself, you might think this is selfish. Time and time again, my husband has thanked me for making my wishes clear and plain to him. "You're so easy to please!" he says, with a smile. Getting these things for me (totally within reason, budget, and doable-ness)makes him feel good as a man, partner, husband, spouse. He feels magnanimous that he made his wife feel so good.

I realize that I'm not the only one with a great marriage. I can think of at least one friend who is really tight with her husband, and they make all family decision together with lots of conversation, contemplation, and coordination. And she gets pretty much everything she wants, too. I'm just sayin' ladies, go for it. Ask for what you would love!

And by the way, some of you reading this might want to start yoga classes. You might want support for that from your spouse. If you want to take yoga at Alcove Yoga, you'll have to do it streaming. And that means you will need your own equipment. So you could also ask fo that! We've also got packages that include free rental of props.

Oh! I almost forgot. Happy mom, happy family. Yeah. The point is that when mom is in a good mood, the whole family is blessed. Just think about the times when your own mom was happy, and when she was sad, disappointed, angry, etc. I'll bet you loved those times when your mom was truly happy, truly thriving, and present. Asking for what you need is actually a good thing to do for the whole family.

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