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Take a Video Yoga Class through Alcove Yoga

Updated: Apr 17

Now you can take a class in your own home when it's convenient for you. I've added over 50 videos to the video library on the Alcove Yoga Wellness Living Site. The videos are included when you become a registered student paying for live classes through alcove Yoga. We have memberships for $65 or $109 / month. There are one or two free memberships available for beginners, so you can get a taste. In any case you will have to create an online account with email and password to access then. For more information on our memberships, please go to www.alcoveyoga.com

Once you have an online account, here are steps to access video

This takes you two www.alcoveyoga.com; hit the LOGIN button. Enter your credentials.

2. On your Wellness Living homepage, go to the upper right corner and click WATCH VIDEO.

3. Choose the Class Category. The categories are Intermediate; Iyengar Ignite!, Ignite 50+, Women's Essentials, etc. reflecting the classes on our schedule.

4. Choose your Video. Every video has a date, and a description of the focus along with props needed.

The short video below goes through the steps.

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